The Strengths and Weaknesses of Engineered Stone – Quartz

Posted by 90210 Kitchen & Bath on Feb 12th 2020

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Engineered Stone – Quartz

For the longest time, granite has been the most dominant stone of choice in the countertop market. But, for the past 10 years or so, a new rival has been slowly rising to the top. This is none other than the engineered stone – quartz. In fact, engineered quartz is now officially the most preferred choice among designers and consumers alike.

However, even amidst this popularity, many people still has a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the benefits and drawbacks of this unique man-made product.

Despite being a strong contender in the design industry, many buyers today still lack enough knowledge about engineered stone – quartz. In fact, there is a high chance that most of them already saw and even admired it in the past in other homes yet they probably mistook it for granite or even actual marble.

To clear up any of these misunderstandings, first of all, it is important for you to know the primary strengths and weaknesses of engineered quartz and why you should or should not use it for your countertops.

The Strengths of Engineered Stone – Quartz

Here are some of the key benefits you can expect to enjoy when you use engineered stone – quartz.

  1. Non-porous

A countertop made from engineered quartz is not just resistant to germs and bacteria for at the same time, there are also lesser risks for it to get stained by coffee, tomatoes, oil, and other common items used in the kitchen.

  1. Uniformed color patterns

Although the color patterns found in a natural stone slab can differ from one stone to another, you can be sure that they will remain uniformed in a slab of engineered quartz.

  1. Maintenance-free

The non-porous and durable surface of engineered quartz is abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant at the same time that allows it to retain its original luster. All you need is water and soap to clean it and no sealing is required as well.

  1. Amazing versatility

Engineered stone – quartz also allows numerous options for edging and not like granite, you can use it on numerous vertical surface with no visible seams that you can often see in natural stone.

  1. Wide selection of colors

Engineered quartz is the perfect epitome of wow factor. Its color options are richer and more varied than those of natural stone. Some hues you can choose from include yellows, blues, and bright greens.

The Weaknesses of Engineered Stone – Quartz

Below are some disadvantages you have to know about engineered quartz:

  1. Sensitivity to chemicals

Household chemicals that are alkaline-based or highly acidic like bleach or heavy duty cleaners may cause damages on man-made quartz.

  1. Less resistant to compact and heat

Unlike granite, engineered quartz is not really heat-resistant, not to mention that it is also susceptible to crack or chip if it experiences a heavy impact close to the edge.

  1. Limitations on usage

The product is not ideal for fireplaces or outdoor use.

  1. Special considerations for installation

Heavier and denser compared to real stone, there are some considerations that should be observed to the right structural support from cabinetry and flooring. 

Should You Go for Countertops Made of Engineered Stone – Quartz?

Quartz is a type of natural stone, with most countertops made of natural stone being manufactured from slabs of quarried quartz. However, not too long ago, engineered materials became a famous alternative to natural stones. This process combined about 95% of ground natural quartz with 5% polymer resins. This process offers a long list of benefits, resulting to a harder and more affordable countertop that needs less maintenance. These are also more versatile as far as the patterns and color choices are concerned as well as the vibrancy of these colors.

The Rising Popularity of Engineered Stone – Quartz Countertops

The very first reason why countertops made from engineered stone – quartz are very popular and in demand is the fact that they have a gorgeous appearance, not to mention that they also suit almost all kinds of motifs. They also come with a cheaper price and can last for a long time.

Another advantage of engineered quartz is that the material is not porous, which makes it different from conventional quartz. Since it is not porous, maintaining it is easier and at the same time, it also makes the surface healthier because they don’t absorb any bacteria. All you need to do to maintain it is regular cleaning using your standard surface cleaner.

Rooms Where Engineered Stone – Quartz Countertops Look Best

Kitchens are obviously the first place where engineered quartz suits best. These will not only make the area beautiful as they can also create a healthy surface resistant to cuts and scratches. But, there are also homeowners today who equip their bathrooms with engineered quartz countertops. Even though there is really no need for durability here, these countertops offer a unique form of beauty that you cannot achieve using other materials.

Available Patterns and Colors of Engineered Stone – Quartz

One notable benefit of engineered stone – quartz is the availability of exciting choices. With the help of the internet, consumers no longer need to settle for what they find in their local stores alone. Engineered quartz is advantageous in the sense that it is more versatile compared to natural quartz. Manufacturers can mix patterns and colors and can even mix in different substances with other textures and colors that are not found in quartz. Manufacturers can even mix countertops like they do with paint in order to match a specific motif.

Have You Consider Engineered Stone – Quartz Countertops as Unique?

The uniqueness of quartz and other natural stones are what make them more appealing. No two stones are similar, which means that there will also be no two countertops that will be the same. This doesn’t change even during the process of engineering. The engineering process can actually ensure that all countertops are different from each other, including the countertops that are made within the same batch. Nothing beats that wonderful feeling that you have a one of a kind countertop that is like no other.

If you are looking for the best countertops, those made from engineered stone – quartz are among the best choices you can find in the market right now.