Things You Need to Know about Engineered Stone – Stone Resin

Posted by 90210 Kitchen & Bath on Feb 12th 2020

Things You Need to Know about Engineered Stone – Stone Resin

Choosing the right material is one of the most important steps when it comes to home improvement projects. The market is now filled with different materials, all of them having their own strengths and weaknesses. But it is always a must that you pick a material that will give the best value for your money.

Fiberglass may look nice enough, yet this material tends to be very flimsy. On the other, copper is aesthetically pleasing and very sturdy, but it can get quite expensive. And then there is engineered stone – stone resin, which falls right at the center of the material spectrum. Engineered stone resin boasts of a nice luster and sheen like that of polished stone. This also has a remarkable durability that can increase your home’s overall value at a fraction of a cost.

What is Engineered Stone – Stone Resin?

Engineered stone – stone resin is produced with the use of stone shards that are bond together using a strong adhesive. A special resin is then used to mold them. The mixture made is capped using acrylic or other types of coatings to make sure that the core and surface will be protected and resistant to scratches. Since this is made from resin, engineered stone – stone resin is also much lighter compared to normal stone with the durability left uncompromised.

Benefits of Engineered Stone – Stone Resin

Aside from being affordable and lightweight, there is one specific reason why the material has an edge compared to other common materials like porcelain, cast iron, fiberglass, and acrylic. This is the fact that this material doesn’t warp after a while unlike acrylic and fiberglass. This will also not chip, shatter, or break because of heavy impacts resulting from accidental falls or drops unlike porcelain. The material’s durability can also rival that of cast iron while being four times much lighter.

Since engineered stone resin is non-porous, it won’t absorb water unlike acrylic and fiberglass. As a result, there will be no changes on the structural integrity of the material. This also has a great heat retention that is comparable to that of higher end materials such as copper and enameled steel.

Finally, engineered stone – stone resin is also very eco-friendly. This is produced using recycled materials with a production model that is completely green. With the additional benefit of durability, this material won’t create waste since bathtubs made from stone resin are found to last for many years.

Common Items Made from Engineered Stone – Stone Resin

Stone resin could be used to create different items found commonly around the house like tile for floors, sinks, bathtubs, garden stones, showers, and even jewelry pieces.

Engineered stone – stone resin is an easy to maintain and surprisingly flexible material that is available in various colors and styles that look great and offers a nice touch to any space. It doesn’t matter if you just want an upgrade or you are planning to get a new shower or bathtub. Make sure you choose one made from stone resin.

Top Reasons That Make Engineered Stone – Stone Resin Bathtub Better Choice Than Acrylic

The addition of a shower in the bathroom has become a popular upgrade among many homeowners. This is because of different reasons, such as limited space, saving water, or just an attempt to create a more modern look.

This trend paved the way for manufacturers trying to outdo one another in coming up with unique products and new technological solutions.

As a way of getting rid of the negative effects of acrylic solutions, manufacturers decided to create something different. Engineered stone – stone resin is the special combination of crushed stone and resin covered with gel coating and is currently used in shower tray production.

Here are some of the main advantages of stone resin that makes it more superior compared to acrylic and other options.

Remarkable Strength

No one wants to spend on bathroom renovation every several years or so. This is why it is always a wise choice to go for a solution that offers hassle-free use for a long time. Durability is the very first consideration when shopping for bathroom equipment.

Although it may seem like acrylic shower trays are a good choice, those made from engineered stone – stone resin will ensure better strength and higher durability. They are better when it comes to load tolerance as well.

They are also harder with an outer coating that is more resistant to cracks and scratches. Dog owners in particular will appreciate this. You can now be sure that your shower base won’t suffer from scratches every time you give Fido a bath.


The hardness and stiffness of stone resin makes sealing the shower tray easier. You no longer have to worry about the silicone sealant peeling off or breaking because of the base’s too much bending after several years of use. These zero deflections of your shower tray also guarantees a long-lasting and tight connection of the drain pipe and siphon trap, a problem common in acrylic shower trays.

Easy Installation

Due to the materials used, shower trays made from engineered stone – stone resin are stiffer and harder than those made from other materials. This can significantly simplify the process of proper installation. There will be no twisting and bending on the base to ensure proper leveling. The technology and materials used in the process of production of stone resin shower trays pave the way for higher accuracy of shapes and dimensions that is very important during installation.

Stone resin shower trays are also lighter compared to ceramic solutions. Handling them is also easier during the assembly. Different possibilities are available during the base installation. This can be mounted on the legs, choose the desired height, put this flat on floor to achieve a height with a thickness similar to that of the shower tray.

High-End and Modern Finish

There are many benefits associated with the use of the special gel coating for finishing the top layer of engineered stone – stone resin. You don’t need to settle for the usual standard white, glossy, and smooth surface of shower tray. You can go for a unique rough finishing similar to natural stone, grass, or even 3D wood imitation.