30" Vanities

We Have the Best Traditional Bathroom Vanities of 2020

The emerging trend for the past few years in home renovation and the conversion of garage and guest house, concentrate on the bathroom renovation.


If your goal is to create a bathroom that will serve as your haven and sanctuary, it should have more features than the basic sink, toilet, shower cabin, or bathtub.


We have the best traditional bathroom vanities of 2020 that you will surely love all of them. These bathroom furniture pieces are meant to keep your clutter neatly stored and out of sight, including those bulky items and cosmetics. 


Traditional bathroom vanities are often considered as the unique pieces that maintain that old-world European feel of those vanities of furniture style. It means that they usually boast of an ornate design with intricate molding, elegant hardware, and delicately carved tabletops. Cabinets and drawers are typical as well, with solid and classic hardwood being the most popularly used material. There are also numerous color options, although the most usual tones are white, brown, grey, and many other colors.


If you want to give your bathroom the much-needed facelift, feel free to browse our traditional bathroom vanities!