Los Angeles Bathroom trends

Posted by 90210 Kitchen & Bath on Oct 29th 2021

Los Angeles Bathroom trends

Los Angeles Bathroom trends

You would find many exciting options when planning to renovate your bathroom. Whether it’s about new tiles, bathtub, toilet, vanities, or design aesthetics, you can choose from a lot. Exploring the internet to find the trending items can take you really long. This is why we have come up with this design guide. Let’s get you started on some of the latest trends in bathroom designs in Los Angeles.


The most famous color combinations in Los Angeles include the following:

  • The ever-famous white - For neutral-toned bathrooms or even the ones with a pop of color, white goes well with every shade of color. It brings a minimalistic and cleaner look to the bathroom.
  • Shades of grey - grey goes well with white or wooden backgrounds. It gives a soft and neutral look to your bathroom. Different shades of grey can be used to add a more modern or dramatic touch to the bathroom aesthetic.
  • Muted Tones - Most people now opt for a modern bathroom look and go for muted tones for wall paint or bathroom fixtures. The colors are used as an accent with white-colored walls or fixtures.
  • Yellow - the bright shade of yellow adds a pop of color to your neutral bathroom theme. You can use such bright colors to make a statement or grab attention towards the focal point of the room.
  • Deep blue - When paired with gold hardware, the blue color not only adds a calming but also a royal feel to your bathroom. You can uplift your bathroom’s ambiance with just these minor changes.
  • Gold - Warm gold tones are quite popular in faucets, showers, and hardware. When combined with neutral colors, these gold-colored items add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the bathroom.


Matte tiles are quite popular for rustic as well as modern themed bathrooms. Combine it with a metallic finished champagne-colored bathtub for a vintage look. Or you can add geometric shapes to give a minimal feel to the environment.


Bathtubs have now become the focal point of the bathrooms. Whether you choose freestanding bathtubs or drop-in ones, both options offer a variety of designs. Copper-colored and clawfoot bathtubs are also in trend if you’re planning to go for a vintage or rustic look.


Double vanities are quite popular when two sinks are in the bathroom. Wall-mounted vanities are in trend as they create an illusion of spacious and bigger bathrooms. However, less is more in this case. The space is kept as empty as possible, to give a roomy vibe.


When talking about bathrooms, one cannot forget to mention toilets. After the horror of no toilet paper during the covid, many people started turning to smart toilets with bidets. These toilets now come with many other features as well, including seat heating and auto deodorant. The gigantic toilet seats are now out of fashion. People are now opting for small and convenient designs that can fit in bathrooms of all sizes.

We hope this guide can help you design your new bathroom or remodel the existing one. You can easily search for inspirations online but finding a reliable store is not an easy task. So instead of getting confused with all the options out there, visit 90210 Kitchen & Bath and start your bathroom remodeling and designing journey.