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Vanities for Small Bathrooms

There are many vanities for small bathrooms available at 90210 Kitchen & Bath right now. The secret here is to look for the right style and size of bathroom vanity and give us a call if you have any questions. The last thing you want is to install a vanity that looks out of place in your tiny space.

When shopping for vanities for small bathrooms, there are three essential points you have to consider:

Size of Course

Before anything else, size is the most critical decision when looking for the right vanity for your small bathroom. If you get something that is too big or too small, it can undoubtedly look very out of place. So, how do you look for the perfect vanity size? Make sure you measure the existing sink or vanity you have. This can serve as your starting point of reference. Does your current bathroom vanity appear proportional to you? Don't try cramming a bigger and bulkier bathroom vanity into a small space unless the appearance is not an issue to you. Always watch out for bathroom vanity clearance sales at 90210 Kitchen & Bath. Is the vanity in the way or is getting around it easy? Take note of standard clearances. Avoid crowding your toilet. There is a standard clearance of 36" from the opposing wall. If your space is really a bit tight, you might want to go for a vanity with a shallow depth.

There is an important tip to remember. A taller object tends to appear large. If you are searching for a vanity for your small bathroom, you might want to go for a lower height of about 30" to 32". For master baths, the better choice is a height of 36" or even more.


Style is yet another essential consideration. Your goal is for your new bathroom vanity to blend in with the rest of the décor. A vanity with ornate Victoria style wouldn't go well with your contemporary house. Try a console sink, or a wall hung sink to create a different look. Vanities for small bathrooms offer little storage to ensure that you don't have to give up much to achieve a unique look.


Your final consideration when looking for small bathroom vanities is the function. How do you plan to use the piece? A vanity added to a first-floor guest bathroom is mainly used for washing hands and freshening up. This guest bathroom vanity is going to be used entirely different than your bathroom vanity in the master bathroom. Vanities for small bathrooms have varied counter configurations to allow less or more countertop space as needed. For example, an under-mount bowl will allow more usable space on the countertop. If you have a vanity with a small counter space, you can install a shelf above the sink or vanity for your grooming supplies and other items.

Feel free to choose from the different vanities for small bathrooms and perk up your space!